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Property damage and injuries occur for a variety of reasons beyond our control. The weather, negligence, or just bad luck can enter anyone’s life, and usually at the most inopportune time. Losses often include more than just property value. It can include lost income, loss of information, having to replace equipment or inventory, and much more. You buy insurance to safeguard yourself against actual total loss of everything you’ve worked so hard for, and you expect the insurance company to keep their word to protect you.

At McWherter Scott & Bobbitt, our Chattanooga insurance dispute lawyers understand that insurance companies will pressure you into making a quick settlement before you know the full extent of your damage. Saving money is how they profit from their insureds. We encourage Tennessee policyholders to contact us as soon as an event triggering the use of your insurance policy occurs. We will ensure that you are treated fairly from the beginning so the claims process runs more smoothly and you experience minimal delay getting back to your life.

Common insurance claims for policyholders in Chattanooga

As attorneys with a successful record in Chattanooga disputing unfair insurance settlements, we pride ourselves on making sure insurance companies pay claims in full. Many types of insurance cases we take charge of for clients fall under:

  • Bad faith/unfair claims practices
  • Agent negligence
  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Restaurant claims
  • Manufacturing facility claims
  • Churches and non-profits
  • Condominium claims
  • Hotel claims
  • Industrial and warehouse claims
  • Residential claims
  • Multi-family dwelling claims

Catastrophic events leading to insurance claims

Whether a natural disaster has demolished your home or business, you’ve experienced partial damage due to an accident, or someone has intentionally damaged your property, we know how to deal with the insurance company no matter what caused your loss. We handle all types of property damage claims, including:

We also handle claims involving health insurance, and life and disability insurance.

You don’t have to take on the insurance company yourself. No matter the situation, we’ll be there to guide you through the claims process beginning to end. You can feel confident that your loss will be handled with the proper respect that Tennessee policyholders deserve.

Seeking help from qualified Chattanooga insurance dispute attorneys makes a difference

Insurance policies have always been an abyss of complicated language boiled down to succinct explanations by insurance agents. When you need your policy the most is typically when you learn that your coverage is less than you believed you had been paying for. Other unexpected hurdles come when your carrier manipulates the meaning of your policy language to create claim exclusions or a denial.  When you have a property or health crisis, you don’t have the time or ability to delve into the minutia of your policy to battle the insurance company.

Backed by decades of insurance dispute experience, we know the standard tactics the insurance carriers will use before you even file your claim. Our client-focused attorneys are prepared to refute the arguments the insurance companies use when trying to minimize or eliminate the policy benefits that are owed to you.

If the facts determine that your insurer has behaved in an egregious manner, we may be able to pursue compensation in addition to your claim by way of:

  • Interest charged against your settlement amount related to delayed payment
  • Consequential damages required due to the insurer’s behavior
  • Punitive damages intended to punish and deter the carrier’s wrongdoing
  • Bad faith that caused you unavoidable financial loss
  • Financial loss often exceeds property damage

Importance information for Chattanooga business owners and operators

After you’ve been in an accident or your home or business has been ruined, often there are more than the surface expenses that are caused by the experience. You can’t wait for an insurance check to be issued while standing at the counter waiting to check into a hotel or rent a car – and your employees certainly can’t wait for their paychecks. You’ll have out-of-pocket expenses that you count on being reimbursed for under your insurance policy. but they may fight payment of. We will determine whether your policy covers ancillary, and help you secure them.

Hire the attorneys who work tirelessly to make you whole again

Anyone who suffers an accident is rightfully distressed about all that they have lost. They worry about what the future holds and when they can return to life as usual again. At McWherter Scott & Bobbitt, our Chattanooga insurance dispute attorneys want to transfer the burden of dealing with your insurance company from your shoulders to ours. To have your claim reviewed by an experienced Chattanooga insurance attorney, please call 731-664-1340 or reach out to us through our contact form to tell us your story.

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