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Tennessee is an attractive location for out-of-state tourists. The Smoky Mountains and the Mississippi River are big draws, and Nashville and other parts of the state are known for their country music. Visitors need a place to stay when they visit, and our many hotels are occupied by tourists and businesspeople alike.

Damage to a hotel, inn, or motel can happen in any number of ways. At McWherter Scott & Bobbitt, we understand it takes years to develop your hospitality brand – and that every day you’re closed your reputation is damaged in addition to losing money due to business interruption. Our Tennessee-based insurance dispute attorneys have the experience and resources to fight to make insurance companies promptly and fully pay the proceeds you are due under the terms of your insurance policy. When insurance carriers fail to put their insureds first, we will aggressively litigate your claims in court. We proudly serve clients across the South.


Considerable Legal Skills
"I also want to share with you that because of the completeness of your preparation, your considerable legal skills and your force of character(s), I have no doubt that had we found it necessary to go to trial – we would have won the day."

Mary McNally

Considerable Legal Skills
"I also want to share with you that because of the completeness of your preparation, your considerable legal skills and your force of character(s), I have no doubt that had we found it necessary to go to trial – we would have won the day."

Mary McNally

What types of insurance policies do hotels need?

While every hotel and motel is different, in general, owners should consider the following types of insurance coverages.

Property insurance

This insurance should cover the structure of the hotel – the walls, frame, foundation, windows, and architecture. It should also include the guest rooms, banquet halls, lobbies, bathrooms, health clubs, pools, dining area, kitchen, and every part of the interior. In addition, property insurance should cover the landscaping, parking lots, and the exterior of the hotel. The contents such as beds, appliances, artwork, housekeeping equipment, and tools should also be covered.

Liability insurance

Hotels absolutely need premises liability coverage in the event anyone is hurt during their stay at the hotel, or when anyone comes to the hotel for any reason. Different liability policies will be needed for the property itself, for hotel shuttles, automobiles, and other vehicles, as well as dram shop liquor liability insurance.

Business interruption insurance

A business interruption policy is necessary to cover lost profits and lost rent, payments to staff and vendors due while they’re not working, and fixed costs such as mortgages, insurance, utilities, permits, and taxes. There should also be coverage for costs to repair or replace damaged technology and software, such as customer databases and consequential losses due to downed IT systems.

Flood insurance

Water damage may be covered by the property insurance policy if it’s due to leaks or other causes. If the damage is due to flooding, the hotel and motel owners typically must have separate flood insurance.

Hotels and motels also need workers’ compensation insurance to pay for accidents to their employees. Other insurances might include cyber-insurance and food contamination insurance. Umbrella coverage works as a catch-all for many of the risks you may have missed. Other insurances may be required too depending on the business’s interests. It’s best to consult with an experienced insurance attorney to determine the best coverage for your needs.

Types of hotel and motel insurance disputes we handle

Here at McWherter Scott & Bobbitt, our hotel insurance lawyers provide our clients knowledgeable assistance and advocacy with the following issues, among many others:

  • Arguing for an accurate valuation of the loss
  • Calculating the value of the business interruption losses with the help of accountants and financial professionals, and determining the applicable valuation method for your business
  • Coordinating the various claims such as the business interruption claim with the property insurance claim
  • Determining if any policy exclusions apply
  • Working with contractors and engineers to determine hidden damages
  • Working with inspectors and contractors to determine which items need repair, which parts of the hotel need to be rebuilt, and what items need to be replaced

Our skilled attorneys work aggressively to help your hotel get advances and short-term payments while the long-terms issues are being resolved. We also work with claimants such as mortgage holders who need to get paid during the rebuild process. If there are multiple owners and multiple policies, we work to analyze which policies are prioritized.

Hotel and hospitality insurance attorneys who get results

Our insurance dispute lawyers have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including assisting a hotel owner in recovering an additional $300,000 from Liberty Mutual after they underpaid our client’s claim.

Find out how McWherter Scott & Bobbitt can help you obtain the benefits you’re owed from your insurance policy and ensure your business and reputation are protected.

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Experience counts. At McWherter Scott & Bobbitt, our attorneys have earned the respect of insurance adjusters and carriers, the legal community, and most importantly, our clients, through our strong record of successful verdicts and settlements. We work as a team to guide owners through the complexities of insurance contracts, investigations, and negotiations – so you can focus on making your hotel operate as it did before damages and losses. To talk with our experienced attorneys, call 731.664.1340 or fill out our contact form to arrange an appointment. Our attorneys are licensed in Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas and Kentucky.