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Anyone who has dealt with an insurance company knows that their intention is to pay the lowest sum possible for a claim. They do this by finding reasons flimsily hidden in policy language to decrease the value of your claim in order to justify a low settlement offer. In some instances, insurance companies issue outright denials of completely valid claims.

That is where the Jackson insurance dispute attorneys at McWherter Scott & Bobbitt come in. We help homeowner and business policy holders when their insurers look to avoid payment for covered damage rather than standing behind policies they sell when it comes time to protect their customers.

Representing Jackson policyholders in a variety of claims and disputes

A Jackson-based insurance dispute attorney from McWherter Scott & Bobbitt is prepared to represent you in the following insurance dispute cases:

  • Bad faith/unfair claims practices
  • Agent negligence
  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Restaurant claims
  • Manufacturing facility claims
  • Churches and non-profits
  • Condominium claims
  • Hotel claims
  • Industrial and warehouse claims
  • Residential claims
  • Multi-family dwelling claims

Events which can trigger an insurance claim

Insurance policies typically cover you for natural disasters, accidents, and other unintentional damage such as termite infestation or mold damage. When you have experienced a loss, your policy will determine the events for which you are covered. The majority of Tennessee insurance claims involve damage caused by:

When you have financial losses after enduring damage to your home or business, you incur certain expenses until you are able to move back into the home or building. If your insurance policy contains this coverage, you should be entitled to payment for these added expenses as the costs wouldn’t have been incurred had the triggering event not occurred. You may be entitled to payment for:

  • Loss of business/rental income
  • Utility or rental deposits for temporary living arrangements
  • Reimbursement for dining out during displacement
  • Payroll and related business expenses
  • Storage fees

Insureds should not have to worry about whether they’ll unexpectedly be out thousands of dollars for a situation beyond their control. We all buy insurance to alleviate that fear and insurance companies carefully market it to us to target those fears. When they don’t honor their end of the deal, you need help from seasoned legal professionals.

We are there when you need help with a life, disability, or health insurance claim

When any devastating personal event occurs, the last thing you should have to experience is the life insurance company denying the claim, or being denied disability coverage despite your medical diagnosis. After years of paying premiums and unraveling complex language regarding deductibles and in-network care, you shouldn’t have to worry about your health coverage, either. One of McWherter Scott & Bobbitt’s lawyers can set the record straight and help you obtain the policy benefits for which you paid.

Policyholders often don’t realize that carriers will construe policy language in favor of themselves in any given claims situation. It’s how insurance companies stay in business. They gloss over the benefits and leave policyholders believing that they’re paying for protection from any number of catastrophic events. You have a right to the insurance coverage that you were led to believe you had and you need a strong, experienced law firm in your corner to protect your future.

Put our Jackson, TN insurance dispute lawyers to work for you

If you believe your insurer is acting in bad faith, or unreasonably failing to pay the full amount of your claim under your policy, it’s time to seek legal advice from the attorneys who know insurance law. To review your case with an experienced Jackson insurance dispute attorney, schedule your consultation by calling 731-664-1340, or reach out to us through our contact form today.

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