What Does a Claims Adjuster Do?

What Does a Claims Adjuster DoThe claims adjuster is an important cog in the insurance machine. This person is responsible for coverage determination, investigation /evaluation of the claim and damage, and ultimately determining how much of a financial obligation the insurance carrier has and will pay on your claim. Understanding what it is a claims adjuster does can make it easier to figure out if you are possibly being “lowballed” on the claim settlement offer.

The responsibilities of a claims adjuster

A claims adjuster has just about the same responsibilities no matter where they work, but some could be tasked with doing additional duties depending on their employer. At a minimum, a claims adjuster is often responsible for handling the following:

  • Research the insurance policy
  • Determining is coverage exists for the loss
  • Investigate the claim
  • Collect evidence to support or deny the claim
  • Obtain property repair estimates
  • Negotiate settlements with you, the customer
  • Accept or Deny claims
  • Understand costs of additional living expenses and construction costs
  • Review estimates
  • Order and review engineering reports

Am I being lowballed?

Would you know if you are being lowballed by the claims adjuster assigned to your case? More than likely you would have no idea. Candidly, it can be a really complicated process that, on its face, appears to be fair. So, why would an insured even consider questioning the offer in the first place? That’s why it’s vital to work with an experienced Tennessee insurance disputes attorney when filing a claim. If you believe you received an unfair offer from your insurance company, it’s best not to respond without speaking to an attorney experienced in the area.

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