Overwhelmed by Hail Damage? We Can Help

Overwhelmed by Hail DamageThe past few weeks have not been easy for Tennesseans. In fact, for many citizens, it’s been downright terrible. From the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most of the country, to vicious hailstorms and damaging tornadoes, our area is suffering and many have experienced both personal and property loss.

Here at McWherter Scott & Bobbitt, we represent insurance policyholders just like you, and in these unprecedented times, getting a claim resolved fairly is more difficult than ever. If your hail damage claim has come to a standstill in recent weeks, or if you are still fighting for a fair assessment of your hailstorm damage, let us help you.

If your home suffered hail damage

If you believe your home has suffered damage, the first thing you should do is check your insurance policy to ensure you’re covered. Next, have a reliable, verified roofing contractor check your roof for damage. The contractor will later meet with an insurance adjuster to verify the extent of the damage.

Although we all rely on our insurance – it’s the reason we pay our premiums – to protect us in the event of a disaster, hail and weather damage claims are notoriously hard to resolve. Many policyholders end up settling for far less than they are owed.

Tactics insurance companies use to delay or deny your claim

Unfortunately, some insurance companies put their bottom line over doing what they are contractually obligated to do. When this happens, they may try to lowball you or simply deny your claim, hoping you will either settle or give up.  Some of these tactics include:

  • Denying hail caused the damage
  • Failing to communicate with you
  • Providing inaccurate estimates
  • Disputing coverage and policy language
  • Undervaluing your losses
  • Refusing a full roof replacement

How our insurance dispute attorneys can help if you suffered hail damage

If your home has suffered hail damage and your insurance company is refusing to pay out your coverage, remember that you have rights. The insurance company is required to evaluate every potential claim in good faith, and treat you fairly in the process. If you believe they aren’t, you may have a bad faith claim against the company.

As law firms and insurance companies are still considered essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, our attorneys are available to assist you during these difficult times. McWherter Scott & Bobbitt represents policyholders throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Missouri. Please call 731-664-1340 or use our contact form to schedule a consultation.