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When you have a business that owns a warehouse or similar industrial space, having the appropriate amount of industrial and warehouse insurance coverage is vital. You know that anything can happen. A fire, flood or wind damage, or theft or vandalism can ruin the inventory and equipment housed in the facility. Insurance should be purchased to cover all of these concerns and protect against physical damage or loss of property, inventory, or other operations.

The skilled insurance dispute attorneys at McWherter Scott Bobbitt are here to guide you through the process of filing a claim when your warehouse or industrial space suffers covered damage. From helping you to file a claim and working with the insurance company to ensure prompt payment, you can trust us to guide you through the entire process.

What are some industrial and warehouse insurance companies?

The following are just a few warehouse liability insurance companies that serve the Kentucky area:

  • Bankers Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • Nationwide
  • Farmers' Insurance
  • Insureon
  • Mercury Insurance
  • Herald Insurance


Considerable Legal Skills
"I also want to share with you that because of the completeness of your preparation, your considerable legal skills and your force of character(s), I have no doubt that had we found it necessary to go to trial – we would have won the day."

Mary McNally

Considerable Legal Skills
"I also want to share with you that because of the completeness of your preparation, your considerable legal skills and your force of character(s), I have no doubt that had we found it necessary to go to trial – we would have won the day."

Mary McNally

Coverage and exclusions for warehouses in Kentucky

There are a range of coverages to help protect your warehouse operation from losses. Generally speaking, most insurance policies will (or at least should) cover:

  • Property
  • Raw materials and finished products
  • Shelving systems
  • Computer systems
  • Equipment such as forklifts, tools, machinery
  • Valuable paperwork, data and business software
  • Fixtures and furniture

Most business insurance policies include an “absolutely pollution exclusion” clause, which may be applicable depending on the contents of your warehouse. If you store food products, there may be additional exclusions involving contamination. Make sure your policy represents your needs. You may have to purchase additional polices to protect yourself.

Even if you do not own the warehouse that you are using, you may still be required to take out insurance to protect your landlord's property in case of a mishap or a weather-related disaster. This way, if you as a tenant, damage the warehouse, the owner will be able to recover the repairs to the building.

Examples of warehouse liability insurance claim disputes

As a Kentucky business owner, you may face some challenges when the time comes to file a claim for damage to your property. A skilled insurance dispute attorney from McWherter Scott Bobbitt will represent you when you have sustained losses and the insurance company is not promptly paying for a covered loss.

Here are some examples of industrial and warehouse insurance coverage disputes:

  • Questions over whether you had adequate security measures in place that might have prevented the damage and losses.
  • Shifting blame to a third party who was able to access the premises, thus negating the claim.
  • De-valuation of the property based on differing opinions of scope.
  • Depreciation of labor.
  • The clarity and/or specificity of the policy language, specifically in regard to exclusions, that could apply to the accident or incident (“occurrence”) which led to the property damage.
  • Failure to include ash, smoke and soot damage in fire-related claims.
  • Denial of claim for flooding damage that was really caused by winds or hail.

Aggressive advocacy for every type of commercial insurance dispute

You pay premiums every month so that you would be protected in the event of a loss or interruption to your business, but now the insurance company is dragging their feet, delaying payment of your claim, or unjustly denying your claim. This is when it is time to contact an experienced insurance dispute attorney from McWherter Scott Bobbitt. We handle all manner of insurance claim disputes for Louisville policyholders so that you can focus on getting your business back on track after suffering a business loss.

We are not intimidated about negotiating with giant insurance companies. We investigate your claim and we seek to hold insurance companies accountable to their contractual agreements. They may try to save money by denying claims and putting businesses in the red, but we are here to fight for your right to recover the full value of your claim. If the insurance company has been operating in bad faith, you may be able to recover additional compensation.

An industrial and warehouse claims lawyer you can trust

McWherter Scott Bobbitt is proud to represent policyholders in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. We understand the challenges you face when business is in jeopardy after sustaining a loss. To schedule a consultation with Clint Scott (licensed in Kentucky), Brandon McWherter (not licensed in Kentucky), or Jonathan Bobbitt (not licensed in Kentucky), please call 731-664-1340 or complete our contact form.