Matching Issues with Exterior Brick Damage

Having bricks installed on the exterior of your Tennessee home helps improve the overall appearance and value of the home. The problem with bricks, though, is that insurance companies often try to avoid paying for matching materials when repairs are required. Today, we’d like to look at why that is.

Why are bricks problematic?

Bricks are made in batches, and no two batches are the same, even if you order different batches from the same company. So, if you need to replace 100 damaged bricks on the exterior of your home, the new ones you install will not match the bricks still on the home. Bricks also decay at different speeds and change colors over time, which means you likely will need to replace the entire wall or all of the brick, as opposed to just one section, in order to restore an aesthetically pleasing and uniform appearance to your home or business. This can be a costly project, and insurance companies don’t like to pay out if they can avoid it.

Policy Language

In order to limit their exposure, some insurance companies have added provisions to their policies stating that they do not have to pay for “matching” when making repairs. For this reason, it is important to know what your policy does and does not cover before you find yourself in this position.

Matching Issues are Real

If your home’s exterior is entirely made up of bricks, damage to even a few could lead to a major claim with the insurance company. No one wants to have a mismatched exterior of a home, as it is not aesthetically pleasing and lowers the value of your property. Getting the insurance company to pay for a total brick replacement is not easy. Make sure to talk about matching with your insurance agent when purchasing or renewing your property insurance coverage, so that you do not find yourself without the coverage that you need.

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